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Combining Lifestyle, Travel and a Burning Desire to be a Positive Force

Finding balance, has really become the greater question in this adventure called Globe for Good. I am so interested in finding ways to do more good while traveling. However, I also want it to be a space where I can share recommendations, tips, my thoughts and advice on my travel experiences - even if totally unrelated to a greater, global purpose. It’s a balancing act between lifestyle, food, conscious traveling and an inspiring space on a definite mission. Ultimately, I want you to see the real me. Travel isn’t always pretty, and we don’t always have easily accessible ways to engage in charitable acts and such while we’re on a quick vacation or family vacation or maybe somewhere we can barely communicate and get around in. That doesn’t mean I look down on those travel experiences or find them less worthy of sharing. On the contrary, I want to share as much as I can and all at face value - honesty is key not only in life but in traveling. People love to show that amazing shot of the popular landmark but aren’t so keen on sharing the disappointing AirBNB or hotel we’ve all unintentionally booked, or that tourist trap restaurant we’ve all been lured into and overpaid at. Never compare your experiences, your travel dreams and goals, your life or vacations (whatever or wherever they may be) to anyone else’s experiences - ESPECIALLY on social media. Seems Ironic for a blogger to say, I know. But I truly mean it because I have fallen also in the trap of comparison and it does nothing but clip one’s own wings. So, stick around with me if you have the patience, love and interest in discovering the good, the bad and the purpose behind my travels, and also enjoy some of my creative lifestyle content as well. Remembering always that I am just as human as anyone else, that while I love to do good and serve others every opportunity I get, I also sometimes take regular vacations and normal clichéd photos and that’s ok too.

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