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Why Globe for Good?

In a world inundated with digital content I'm sure you're wondering....why? (No worries I wonder it myself pretty frequently) Why put the pressure and expectations on myself of a picture-perfect life? - Which news flash: I don't have! Nor does anyone. The pressure of sharing luxurious travel experiences which are in fact the opposite of the way I travel, or of putting myself out there with content which may or may not reach anyone in today's digital world? The answer is pretty simple: I'm driven by a burning desire in my soul to somehow make the world a better place.

Is that possible on a large scale? Well, I guess I'll figure that out, isn't that the question of life? But I do know for certain that on a small scale it is possible, and even more than that it is life-transforming, impactful and amazing. When I think about leaving a personal fingerprint on my acts of kindness/goodness I end up feeling self-centered and narcissistic; like publicly patting myself on the back which is REALLY not me (I know, I know, blogging isn't exactly the most self-less of enterprises). But it's really not about ME doing good, what I'm actually looking to do by sharing my ideas, experiences, suggestions and passions around travel is to inspire you.

Sure, it's not hard to be inspired to travel with beautiful photos of landscapes, mouth watering food, seemingly perfect experiences everywhere....if we all had the money and time to do it constantly I think my generation would be mostly nomadic. But the reality is that for most people travel comes infrequently and usually the LAST thing we think about is others (whose home we are visiting). I have in my travels discovered ways to make traveling about more than just myself and my own enjoyment and have realized in return how much more gratifying it is, how much closer I am able to get to different cultures, how much more I end up receiving in doing this and I just couldn't help but sharing it with the world!

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